Igor’ Bruiako, Dmitrii Kiosak, Iurii Chernienko. On some types of ornaments of Middle – Recent Bronze Age from the south of Eastern Europe

Authors describe a series of bronze pins of Recent Bronze Age and one mould. Four of the published pins are represent the „Hülsenkopfnadeln” type, and other two pieces belong to the type of pins with ring-shaped head. The mould contains negatives of rhomboid and crescent-shaped pendants, awls (perforators), as well as a flat circular object with a handle – probably pendant-medallion. Finding of the mold is corresponds to the lifetime in the North-Western Black Sea region of Multi-cordoned Ware culture (in the modern terms, the Dnieper-Prut Babino culture). Production by the population of this culture of rhomboid pendants can be associated with exposure of Abashevo culture from the Don-Volga region and Pokrovsk Srubnaia culture. Sickle-shaped ornaments due to the influence of Otoman culture.

Keywords: bronze pins, mould, Middle – Recent Bronze Age.

Revista Arheologică, serie nouă, vol. XI, nr. 1-2, 2015, p. 27-46