Natalia Mateevici, Tatiana Samoilova. A batch of rare Greek amphora stamps from Tyras

In the article are presented 11 Greek amphorae stamps discovered during the archaeological campaigns at Tyras from 1998-2008. All the pieces fall into the category of rare stamps belonging to some centers (6 Greek poleis) which marked their commercial amphorae only occasionally. Among them are two extremely rare stamps belonging to an amphora of Samos and another to an am­phora of Crete. Both are unique for the northwestern Black Sea area. The chronology of this little, but important group of amphorae stamps from Tyras, is determined for the second quarter of the 4th century – second half of the 2nd century BC.

Кeywords: stamps, amphora, trade, coins, producer, magistrate.

Revista Arheologică, serie nouă, vol. XI, nr. 1-2, 2015, p. 82-88