Ludmila Bacumenco-Pîrnău, Luminiţa Bejenaru. Food in Moldova XIV-XVIII centuries: bio-archaeological considerations

The present study is an introduction to a complex analysis regarding the reconstruction of alimentation and food access of human communities from the area situated at east of the Carpathians between 14th-18th centuries. The proposed bio-archaeological approach is complex and interdisciplinary, as data provided by archeological, archaeozoological archaeobotanical and paleoanthropological research, collated with selected information from written documentary sources, will expand the research perspective regarding the history and culture of medieval and pre-modern alimentation in Moldova. The paper highlights the importance of studying this sector of history of daily life from bio-archaeological perspective, the methodology research directions and elements of difficulty in treating certain aspects of this theme.

Keywords: archeology, archeozoology, anthropology, food, Middle Ages, Moldavia, interdisciplinarity.

Revista Arheologică, serie nouă, vol. XI, nr. 1-2, 2015, p. 294-302