Serghei Covalenco, Serghei Bodean, Veacheslav Bikbaev. Flint Artifacts from Excavations Early Tripolye Settlement of Rogojeni I in 2013

The article is devoted to the flint artifacts early Tripolye settlement Rogojeni I (Precucuteni II), collected in the course of excavations in 2013. Special attention is drawn to the widespread use of the technique by pressure blades produced from conical cores, unlike the technique of striking for massive flakes from flattened cores. The two alternative technologies splitting flint provided the mass production of plate inserts and side scrapers on flakes.

Keywords: settlement Rogojeni I, Precucuteni, Tripolie A, inventory litic.

Revista Arheologică, serie nouă, vol. XI, nr. 1-2, 2015, p. 143-153